I tried to seal an area by a door that puddles and leaks before tropical storm Henry arrived, but I made two mistakes:

  • I applied the sealant only 30 minutes before the storm hit (it needs 1 hour to dry, but given the humidity it would probably be longer)
  • I used a latex sealant that can be cleaned with water

In retrospect I should have used a silicone based sealant ahead of time, but I was working within constraints.

24 hours into the rain, the leak is back. I checked on the sealant and it's mostly washed away, but residue remains in certain areas.

Will whatever residue that remains eventually cure, or will I be left with a permanently soft mess that I need to remove before reapplying a new sealant?

  • Will xyz happen? cannot be answered because nobody can see the future ... could xyz happen? is answerable ... just remove the residue and be sure
    – jsotola
    Aug 22 at 22:54
  • Assuming the residue cures (and I expect it will), latex sticks to latex just fine. Aug 23 at 0:10
  • I would clean up the residual for its quality is questionable. Which is more expansive, a little more new sealant or leak?
    – r13
    Aug 23 at 0:35

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