Is some kind of soldering at fault? Im assuming that since the wire further back is clean. The fuse itself is not broken. Does this indicate something worse internally broken? Should i re solder or wire it? Or will the same issue occur?

Its an milling machine. Holzmann bf20v. Could grease of some form made it there?

I have already contacted them for spare parts in vain several times and im to embarrased to contact them again ;_;. And this doesnt look like an expensive thing to fix.

How the wire was connected Fried wire Fried contactor Clean wire after i cut the wire slightly behind


I would at minimum replace the fuse holder, they are avaiable at several online retailers, digikey, mcmaster carr, grainger etc.

If it got hot enough to melt the solder theres a chance the holder is damaged internally, they should be less than $10 for the panel mount holder.

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