I currently have 4 traditional switches (1 dimmer, 3 remote) control ceiling lights in a hallway, using  A - D to represent junction boxes as follows:

  • A: 3 way switch
  • A -> B: 3 wire romex
  • B: 4 way switch
  • B -> C: 3 wire romex
  • C: 4 way switch + power line from panel (2 wire romex)
  • C -> D: 3 wire romex
  • D: 3 way (dimmer) + light line (2 wire romex)

I want to change them to smart switches. I bought 1 Leviton DZ6HD Zwave Dimmer, and 3 matching dimmer remote DD00R-DLZ. But I don't know how to wire them, the manual diagram is for the case that the power line goes into one of the ending 3 way switch, but mine goes into the middle 4 way switch (C). 

What's the correct wiring for my case?

Link to the manual:

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The power and neutral go to all the smart switches.

The master must be at the box which has the branch to the light.

I am not at all sure that the Leviton supports multiple remotes. But if it does, you'll need to allocate all the /3 wires as follows:

  • Black = always-hot
  • White = neutral
  • Red = Yellow/Red data line

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