I'm building a 10x14 shed with pressure-treated 2x4 frames. I just finished the frames when I realized that the nails I used - 12d 3 1/8" coated sinkers, are not recommended for use in pressure-treated wood.

For the siding, roof, rafters and joists I'll make make sure to switch to proper fasteners, but do I have to be worried about corrosion in the nails I already used? This is a shed - and just the frame - the siding and foundation (cement blocks) should keep it relatively dry. (Though I'm sure there will be some moisture - I live in SE Michigan.)

If the shed's good for 20-30 years, that's fine for me. Can anyone tell me how worried I have to be about corrosion?

  • IMHO - No one can predict how long it will take for those coated sinkers to corrode from the chemical in the pressure-treaded wood. Why not just use the proper nails or screws on the opposite side of the studs. Reasons for screws, if properly installed, there would be less chance for splitting. The siding would perform as a sheathing on the studs, which will lock the studs together. If you anchor the bottom plates to the foundation, there is very little chance of the structure moving off the foundation. Jul 29 '21 at 17:06

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