I’ve come across something I’ve never seen before and can’t find anything on the internet about. My house has a light switch by the front door that powers my exterior lights. The switch has 3 positions up = on, center = off, down = blinking lights and beeping switch?!

The house has built in the 1950’s and some circuits are non-grounded.

This is a mystery as I can’t find any information about this switch, how it works and what it’s purpose is. I’m going to pull it out of the wall later in a day or so, but wanted to see what I could learn beforehand. Has anyone seen this before?


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It sounds like an emergency light blinker, to let 911 responders or visitors know which house to go to. Found on google this one, https://www.amazon.com/ge-7250269-emergency-flashing-activator/dp/b002w552ng. The beeping I think to let you know the lights are on blinking.

enter image description here


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