I have a drainage pipe (PVC - looks like the air unit/water heater one) of some sort that is in my garage it doesn't belong to the water heater or the air unit I know where those are. I cannot think of anything else it would belong to.. it looks like it goes into my kitchen.. this morning it created a puddle in the garage but it has never done this before.

enter image description here

  • A picture would be excellent. If you can just supply a link to some free image uploading service then we can embed it in your question.
    – MonkeyZeus
    Jun 18, 2021 at 17:46
  • Sorry I just added it.. my phone wouldn't let me add it when I made the post. Jun 18, 2021 at 18:02
  • I assume your kitchen is behind that wall where the pipe exists? What's above your garage? Is it an attic?
    – MonkeyZeus
    Jun 18, 2021 at 18:11
  • Thank you this was the problem.. Jun 18, 2021 at 21:22
  • Nice. I turned my comment into an answer so if you found it useful then please feel free to accept it =)
    – MonkeyZeus
    Jun 21, 2021 at 12:40

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Is that 3/4 inch PVC? If so then it's very likely a backup drain line for a furnace and/or evaporator coil (A/C). It might be dumping on your garage floor on purpose to warn you that the main drain line is clogged. I would expect it to drip whenever your A/C is turned on.

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