I recovered a bunch of unfaced insulation from various places in a building and would like to re-use them, but one would traditionally use paper faced insulation for many of the situations where I am going to install insulation. Is there a way to get only the insulation paper? What should I look for when searching for this material?


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No, cover it with plastic. Read about vapor barriers and whether or not you actually need one https://www.certainteed.com/insulation/resources/do-i-need-vapor-barrier/

You will notice that paper-faced insulation is not purely paper but it has a very thin layer of tar.

It serves two purposes:

  1. Make the insulation stick to it so that it's one cohesive product
  2. Act as a moisture barrier

Since there's no practical reason to recreate purpose #1 you only have to replicate purpose #2 and plastic wrap is the proper way.


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