We were gifted a baby pool so that our baby can play outside on our patio. However, we don't have an outdoor spigot that we can use to connect a hose to. The patio is right off the kitchen and near a half bath, so I'm wondering if there's something I can do? Can I connect a hose to a sink somehow?


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    Sinks don't typically have a direct connection, but you should have a shut off valve under the sink that you should shut off and stack a couple of fittings. Jun 3, 2021 at 0:06

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A common way to get a hose thread in the kitchen is with a "portable dishwasher" (or clothes washer, but less commonly sold that way) adapter. Do a search for that term, you'll find them - any well-stocked hardware store should have them, as well.

The typical format is a device that screws in place of your aerator on the faucet, which has a "quick-connect" - the hose thread is on one quick connect, your original aerator or a new aerator is on the other quick connect, so you can easily swap them (intended, as you roll your portable dishwasher over to connect it - but you can use the hose thread for any purpose - mine has a Jet carboy and bottlewasher on it.)

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    All waterbed filling kits have sink to garden hose adapters. Jun 3, 2021 at 4:45

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