I'm fixing a broken rib on a patio umbrella. I have a 1/2" square zinc-plated steel rod I'd like to insert in the broken rib. The rib itself is a 1/2" hollow square, so I need to grind the rod down a bit to fit inside.

Is this something I could do with a dremel? If so what type of head?

  • Would probably want a grinding disk/wheel, instead of a round or cone shape. Depending on length you might want an angle grinder or bench grinder. A bench grinder will probably give better consistent finish size. With zinc a face mask might be useful, eye protection is a must have.
    – crip659
    Jun 1 at 15:06

No, not in less than a month. Use a bench grinder, angle grinder , belt grinder , etc. ,anything except a Dremel. Because it is only 12" long , it could probably be done manually with coarse rasp or bastard files.

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