I went to a realitives home who has a cealing fan installed . I noticed the cealing fan has a set up of what I’m trying to accomplish, with remote and power is controlling a lap in the room .I opened up the switch plate and noticed The wiring is three sets of wiring: All blk capped All white capped All grounding capped And remote cealing fan mounted next to switch The only difference is this cealing fan has the reviver and remote transmitter option to be able to select different frequencies to communicate with remote and the transmitter ?? When I remove the cover to the access thr batteries and on the fan recicer I can see the option to mix the numbers as well? On The cealing fan I’m trying to connect dose not have these the option to select different frequency on the remote and transmitter? I went home and connected all the wires the same but the fan did not work ? Dose anyone have any suggestions? I’m thinking to re- purchase a fan that has the option to select the number frequency option and seen if that has anything to do with why the fan is not getting power. Thank you anyone Ed Beal if you have any suggestions

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You have labeled showing 2wht, 3wht, 3 ground, 2 black, pig tail and black. The connections appear to have the proper size wire nuts. It appears to be lacking a cover plate for the switch that also has a red. What other advice would you like?

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