How can identify the stain color I need to get for the nosing that I've installed to match it with the color of the floor on the left side. As you can see in the photo, I've stained the nosing with a Walnut stain, but the color does not match the floor.

The floor wood is: Fuzion Engineered hardwood Northern Retreat Bronco

nosing image

  • Is the nosing and the floor the same specie of wood? – Jack May 27 at 14:33
  • Can you take off a sample of the material you are trying to match? Many higher-end paint shops do stain matching as a service – whatsisname Jun 26 at 19:56

Good news you can always stain darker over a lighter stain, but if the wood is different than the floor, it may be a little trickier. On top of that mass produced items are stained differently than on site wood typically is. You may need to use a dye and not a stain. A dye colors all the wood, and stain soaks into the softer wood and when wiped the softer wood changes more than the harder wood. You may be able to tone the finish, but that weakens the film of protection that the clear coat gives.

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