I've noticed on a couple of small repair interventions, aluminum drywall corner L-bead does not hold mud as adhesively as drywall does, due to the texture/grip of aluminum. Is there a way to improve it by some kind of primer?

It's usually not a problem when the application mass is large so the less adhesive part around the bead is cohesive with a bigger one on drywall. But, when it doesn't have much drywall to piggyback on, it easily peels off or doesn't stay when applied.

  • Can you include a picture of the one you use? There are embedded corners, taped corners, and covers etc...
    – P2000
    May 26, 2021 at 21:50
  • @P2000 I don't have a picture. Just L shape I think 1-1/4 each side
    – amphibient
    May 26, 2021 at 21:51


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