Pictured is a broken valve on a pipe that is part of a pool heating system. The pipe sends water to a solar heater on the roof. We bought the house its in its current state but I assume the handle was broken off and the valve seems to be stuck closed. Being totally new to this I'm wondering:

  1. Is there anyway to fix this without replacing the valve?
  2. What kind of valve do I replace this with? A combined ball and check valve?
  3. Does replacing it means cutting out the broken valve? enter image description here
  • In the meantime, a Cresent™ type, smooth-jawed adjustable wrench looks like it would operate the valve. – FreeMan May 24 at 16:03

Those look like compression fittings. You should be able to unscrew them: Make note of which way the compression rings (O-rings) are seated (if there are any).

You should be able to buy a replacement. Here's a similar one:

  • "unions" not compression rings. but otherwise yes. – Jasen May 24 at 4:41
  • Are "unions" what they call the rings that get slightly squished between the two pieces to get a water tight seal? – Steve Wellens May 24 at 4:45
  • "O rings" are the seal, union is the system of the loose ring that screws onto the fixed bibb clamping the flange and the bibb together. – Jasen May 24 at 4:49

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