Moved into a new house built in the 1970's and discovered that the sump pump was not operational. I replaced the sump pump, re-attached everything, and poured water into the dry sump pit to test operation. The curious thing was that the sump pit did not retain any water. It drained the 6 or so gallons of water I poured in just a few minutes.

The bottom of the sump pit is concrete, but it is clearly porous to some degree. I guess my question is: is this cause for concern?

My suspicion is that this is not cause for concern. My reasoning is that since some sump pits are gravel, I would assume that water draining out the bottom of the pit is normal and acceptable. Zone of saturation could be low at the moment, etc.

Discussion on this question leads me to believe that this is okay and not cause for concern but I cannot find anything addressing this specific question.

  • You should be able to fill it so fast it will kick on. Maybe try two buckets, or a trash can...
    – dandavis
    May 17, 2021 at 7:29

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That is good , the idea of a home sump is to remove ground water before it causes damage; you have no ground water problem. That is better than frequent pump running. Normally ,drain tile around house perimeter bring water to the sump to remove it, so I would expect some connection to the sump.


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