I just bought a park model home and the large propane tank was removed. I bought 2 smaller tanks (30lbs each) and an auto change over regulator with two pigtails to attach to the 2 tanks.

What do I need to purchase to connect them all together?

The gas line coming from the ground still has the 1st stage regulator on it. Do I just need to add a hose to attach the 1st stage to the dual auto changeover regulator?

Any advice is appreciated - thanks

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    Why not contact the propane dealer and get large tank installed and do it right. – crip659 May 11 at 0:52
  • Why is there a gas line coming from the ground up? Where does it come from? How many propane tanks are involved in your set-up? – d.george May 11 at 10:52
  • At a minimum, a picture of what you've got, and a drawing of what you want would be helpful. – FreeMan May 11 at 12:05

You will need to connect the output of the auto change over regulator to the line coming out of the ground.

I am guessing you got the proper 1st stage auto change over.

houses and travel trailers usually have different setups. I had a travel trailer that had the auto setup it was a single stage.

I have built a few homes with propane and they have 2 regulators normally because the tank needs to be away from the home so the tank pressure is reduced by a first stage sent to the house and then reduced again by a 2nd stage.

If you have the wrong size regulator at the tanks the system won’t work well because of restrictions in the plumbing.

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