Im on a 2nd floor room, it has big front windows and a small one on the side, I am using my computer/full setup on the corner of the room, where beside me is the window wall, but since im in the corner, im surrounded by concrete walls, and it can get as hot as 36 celsius, maybe even more. In short, Im basically in a big concrete oven. I dont know what to do to cool down the whole room, moreso the concrete walls in my back and side. I already have an electric fan running to ventilate the whole room.

  • Thoroughly describe this room. What doors, windows, heat and air return registers are present is relevant. Concrete walls, or walls in general are not used to intentionally conduct heat away. – K H May 9 at 5:41
  • There is front wall with the big windows, it takes up about 1.5/2 of the wall, so in my corner side its just wall. There is a small window above me around 4 feet in length and 21" tall, and around 5 feet from the floor. The big windows are 5 feet long and the remaining wall is 4-5feet. 2 exterior walls are concrete around 8" thick and some 4" wood interior walls – ReedMan07 May 9 at 6:31
  • Air vents? How far can the windows be opened? – K H May 9 at 6:34
  • The small 4 feet window can only be opened halfway, the big ones are always fully opened. They're the only source of ventilation and fresh air aside from the door. More problems are, the windows so big it actually lets sunlight in too much and heats up the place more. We have wooden floors here and it sucks up heat too. Ceiling is fortunately insulated, but its still hot especially my back. – ReedMan07 May 9 at 6:45
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    Mounting fans in the window and or putting your computer exhaust out the window would be worth thinking about. You have to make the air that is hot not be in the room anymore and replace it with cool air. If it's an option a mosquito net or awning outside the window can also help. – K H May 9 at 7:12

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