I was trying to hang an IKEA Kallax shelf on the wall but ended up tearing away part of the wall. I am not too sure what kind of wall this is (in a ~1960s apartment building), first layer looks like drywall, no idea what the brownish layer is, but I know there's probably concrete/brick behind the brownish layer since I couldn't drill through it with a regular drill.

What's the best way to patch it up so that I can try redoing it?

Originally tried using some plastic anchors with screws for drywall, but the wall was too shallow and the screw + anchor couldn't go in very far (clearly wasn't enough to hold the shelf as you can see). I am thinking of trying to drill into the concrete/brick after patching the wall up and using some sleeve anchors . The shelf weighs ~35lbs and I will be using 4 anchors to hold it up, so I would like the anchors to be able to hold up at least 50lbs in total.

The hole is about 4 in tall on white part and 2 in tall on brownish part, and 1 in at its deepest.

Any tips on what type of anchor I should be using?

the hole in the wall

  • May be stucco on brick or concrete. Use masonry drill bit and plastic wall plugs. – user263983 Apr 25 at 20:49
  • Is the brownish layer hard like concrete or softer liner compressed cardboard, possibly sawdust. – Ed Beal Apr 25 at 23:32
  • softer, so it's probably stucco like user263983 mentioned – chhu Apr 26 at 0:56
  • There are many types of wedge/expansion anchor that you can choose from, but the important thing is to drill into the solid wall behind. It could be an old hollow plastering wall though. – r13 Apr 26 at 1:45

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