Tacklife 10in table saw Burnt out switch What switch can I buy to replace

  • For a simple on/off switch, can usually use any switch of the same voltage and amps work, might not look as nice and might need to change mounting. Should replace with same type, locking or non locking, but the volts and amps are the main things to check for. – crip659 Apr 24 at 12:33
  • As phrased, this is kind of a shopping question, which is off limits. But... I'd suggest you contact the manufacturer. Some on/off switches are smart (ie, my Bosch tablesaw), and some are really basic. You need to figure that out. – Aloysius Defenestrate Apr 24 at 16:15

Remove the old switch and screw a surface mount switch box over the opening. Feed the old wires into the box and install a 20-amp rated double-pole switch (Hubbel, etc) If you like, you can paint the switch lever red.

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