I'm looking to install a PoE camera system. The system comes with 8 cameras and the Ethernet cables will mostly be routed on ceilings and walls (not within them). I have some questions about making neat exits through walls.

I'll install the system in a utility room and I'd like a batch of 8 cables to exit directly from that room and into the adjacent garage, where they'll be mostly routed across the ceiling on raceways.

  1. Is there a product to serve as a tidy through-wall conduit for a collection of cables. For example: PVC pipe, but with some sort of flange that screws to each side of the drywall? Would such a wall penetration be a fire-code concern (as it may allow some airflow)?

  2. At the camera-end, I'd like to pass cables through a wall and directly into the back of the camera on the other side. How can I make a neat through-wall connection here? I've seen bushings for coax (which would work for Ethernet), however, in some cases, there may be a 10" drop from the ceiling to the penetration, which I think will mean the cable will have to 'dangle' in the air to avoid sharp turns (which are not recommended for Ethernet, particularly for long-runs).

Is there a better (tidier) solution? (I prefer PoE over WiFi because there is no power for the WiFi cameras).

enter image description here

  • Wireless, battery powered Wifi Cameras are available.
    – Alaska Man
    Apr 11, 2021 at 19:23

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At the camera end at a bow and an outlet cover with an ethernet socket (e.g. enter image description here

That will look neat and be great if you need to change the camera's at some point in the future.



At the bottom end add a patch panel. something like enter image description here

This makes it real easy when you need to change things in the future.



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