We have a small 9' x 9' concrete back patio that has a drain in the center (see pic). The cement is angled towards the drain, so when it rains there actually isn't too much water build up, which is great.

enter image description here

We're thinking about adding tile to the patio to make it a little more personable and 'nicer', but are not really sure how to deal with the drain and the angled concrete. Are there resources out there showing how to diy tile over angled concrete with a drain? Do we need to level things out first, but if so, how do we prevent water build up? Should I put down a water impermeable layer first?

Also, as a first time homeowner and diy-yer, please be honest with me, is this too complex of a project to take on?


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    For tile you want to drain, you flatten and fill, but you don't level. You would want to pressure wash it, dry it, apply concrete bonding adhesive, and then flatten it with concrete filler. Once you have s smooth but still sloped surface, you can lay tile as normal. – K H Apr 11 at 18:44
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    Consider staining rather than tiling. Better project for a less experienced person. – Jim Stewart Apr 11 at 19:23
  • Thanks everybody, this makes me think the project is a little beyond me for now. I'll hold off. Much appreciated for the honest feedback. – David Apr 20 at 16:09

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