I am currently in the process of having my gas service upgraded to a 2psi system. My plumber is about to rough in and install all the piping, along with a maxitrol pressure regulator. This will be done a week prior to the utility company installing the new meter and upping the pressure to 2 psi.

Will there be any harm in using my gas appliances on the current 1/4 lb system with the regulator installed?

  • We don’t know what your current gas meter / regulator is set at, it could turn your devices into flame throwers. The regulator I am talking about is the one normally on the meter in my area. If that was removed and the 2 psi regulator installed I would say it would be unsafe. If your meter and regulator are still original the additional 2 psi regulator would make no difference so that would be fine, but as with all things that could burn your house down you should ask the plumber or gas company before relying on information from the internet. – Ed Beal Apr 7 at 14:58

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