I have water shut-off valve (all-or-nothing) for an outside hose. I see the valve is ON, but the water is not coming in outside hose.


The valve is under kitchen sink in the Main floor. This is a walkout basement house and the outdoor faucet is in the backyard.

It was never turned off during last winter, so I was wrong.

Although cold water is coming through to the Kitchen Faucet.

enter image description here

  • Where is this valve located? What kind of foundation does your house/apartment have - is it a slab, basement or crawl space? Do you see or hear water running somewhere else when you opened the outside valve? Did you open the outside tap as well? Please edit your question to provide all these answers. – FreeMan Apr 6 at 16:13
  • Turn the main water supply off, then remove and inspect the shutoff valve. The washer might be in the wrong position. If the valve is fine, gently turn the water supply on, and make sure the water is coming through. – r13 Apr 6 at 16:17
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    Is there any chance the water in the faucet outside is frozen? Either way the faucet needs to be open before switching on the water, trapped air can be enough to stop the flow (although it's relatively unlikely...). – handyman Apr 6 at 18:27
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    If you undo that screw and water comes out it means you have water on one side of the cutoff valve. – Yehuda_NYC Apr 6 at 18:58
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    I'll guess the screw-cap on that ball valve is a bleeder port. A bleeder provides a way of draining something. In this case one could close the ball valve, open the hose bibb faucet outdoors, and open the bleeder port. The bleeder would allow air into the pipe so that, presumably, water in the pipe would drain to the outside and eliminate the possibility of those pipes freezing during the winter. – Greg Hill Apr 6 at 19:23

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