I have a detached garage with a bare, unfinished concrete slab. The side door has a step down to grade. The old threshold was so rotted when we moved in, I couldn't tell you much of anything about it. The rest of the frame is badly rotted and the door beat up, so we're replacing the whole thing with composite in case we haven't actually fixed the water issues.

The part I can't wrap my head around is the threshold. We removed the old one because it was worse than useless, and actually we kind of like not having a threshold to step over there. All the exterior door thresholds I've seen are designed to be more or less even with a finished floor surface, and it seems to me like we would be constantly tripping over them.

Should I just ditch the threshold? Maybe put a sweep on the new door that extends all the way to the concrete? Is there another option I'm not aware of that would give a more gradual slope?

I was planning on using something more or less like this for the rest of the door frame: https://www.homedepot.com/p/FrontLine-1-1-4-in-x-4-9-16-in-x-83-in-Primed-Composite-Door-Frame-Kit-ULPA30684901/207124695#product-overview

  • The threshold is to prevent the water and debris to get into the garage. If you do not have such worries, you don't need one, but make sure your step is sloping towards the outdoor. – r13 Apr 5 at 0:48

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