Laying tile and hoping to understand optimal sub-floor solution in a 1950’s apartment bathroom. I removed the following top floor layers: sheet linoleum, linoleum tile, 3/8 plywood. What is remaining: 3/4”x 4” sleeper battens spaced 4” apart laying on 0.5” particleboard, which is on top of 45 degree 1x6 planks laid with 1/4 spacing.

Options being considered:

A: New plywood (3/8) on top of sleepers, ditra, tile. This raises my floor 0.5” requiring door trim, toilet flange spacers. Is 3/8 enough? Do i need exterior grade or is interior fine given all that air space under? Screa through sleepers+Particle to the diagonal sub-floor planks or leave the sleepers floating?

B: Remove sleepers and put 1/2” plywood on top of particle. This puts my door and toilet flange at grade. PITA cutting the sleepers off at the counter edge but another hour on my belly with won’t kill me LOL.

How should I screw the 1/2” to the planks through particle board.

If you got other ideas, shoot me now LOL...

enter image description here

  • The sleepers are not necessary and the space between them is not conducive to a stable, solid base for a tile floor. – Alaska Man Apr 3 at 18:31
  • Thanks! So plywood directly on top of particle board? Any recommendations for minimum thickness and screw method? – Yuri Apr 3 at 20:09

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