I recently bought a metal fire-rated door at Lowe's for the doorway from my house to my garage. In putting it into my van, it bumped into a dolly cart. I was surprised to see that it was dented from the bump. If it is dented so easily in transport, it surely will be dented in ordinary use. I returned the door.

So how do I find an inexpensive fire-rated door that is more durable, perhaps dent-resistant? The salespeople seem to think that all metal doors could dent and that all fire doors they might sell are just about the same.

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A metal fire rated door is not required.

The door between the garage and house shall be 1) a solid wood door a minimum of 1 3/8” thick, 2) solid or honeycomb core steel door that is not less than 1 3/8” thick, or 3) a 20 minute fire rated door. (See ICC R309.1)

A door is not allowed between the garage and a sleeping room. (See ICC R309.1 openings)

I’d use a solid core wood door with a door frame that has an “intregal door stop” rather than an “applied stop”.

Garages are to be separated from single family residences by 1/2” gypsum board on garage side ONLY, provided the garage does not open into a sleeping room. (See ICC R309.2)

Make sure you confirm all this with the AHJ.

Oh, if you’ve got to have a metal door try Entek.com. Terrible website, but great customer service. Give them a call.

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