The water inlet pipe is 2 inch copper. The water supply is municipal. I want to install a leak detector that requires only a one inch pipe. I plan to cut the two inch copper pipe and install one foot of one inch copper pipe and then return to the 2 inch pipe. This will be done in line. The two inch pipe supplies a house and farm. What effect on will this have my water pressure and flow rate?

  • Why is there a 2" line feeding the house/farm? Where are you on this planet, and how recently was this supply run, for that matter? Finally, are there fire sprinklers in any of the buildings on the property? Commented Mar 30, 2021 at 1:03

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First, check on what @ThreePhaseEel said then, as a "rule of thumb", a 2" pipe can carry the flow of 4- 1" pipes, so the 1" pipe will only carry 1/4 of water of the 2" supply pipe. Under a no flow condition the pressure will remain relatively the same but there will be reduced maximum flow and reduced pressure when a large flow is utilized.

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