Stud is in the exterior wall of my garage. I am looking to hang something fairly heavy (30-40lbs) using lag bolts on this stud.

I am curious if the vertical cracks would be an issue or if they are fairly normal sized and insignificant.

https://imgur.com/a/DWrgaU0 enter image description here

  • I can't load imgur at work, but I suspect a lag bolt is going to be overkill for 30-40 pounds. If it's going into a stud, a 10d or larger nail should be fine, assuming whatever you're hanging isn't going to have dynamic forces applied. – TylerH Mar 29 at 20:50
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    Lag bolt might be overkill for sure, it’s just what came with the product I will be hanging and recommended for installation into a stud. Uploaded one of the three photos directly to give you (or anyone else who can’t access Imgur) a look at the vertical cracks moving up the stud. Thanks for taking a look – Cody Mar 29 at 20:55

That crack looks fine to me. From the image it looks to be mostly superficial... I might drill a pilot hole if the screw is going dead center where the crack is, just to make sure the crack doesn't widen. If you want to err on the safe side, you can get another 2x4 stud and nail it to the side of the existing, cracked stud (this is called sistering) with some 10D nails every couple of feet and then attach this item to the new 2x4 stud.

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    @Cody Typically sistering is done for the whole length, but given this is in the garage, I understand it might be significantly higher than 8ft (a typical 2x4 length) You don't need to go all 10/14/however-many feet to the top plates, but I would go at least from the bottom plate up to a foot or so past where you want to hang something. And I would toe-nail two nails at the bottom so that it's attached to both the original stud and the bottom plate. – TylerH Mar 29 at 21:30
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    Ended up putting in a full length sister stud and toe nailed it. Appreciate all of the advice earlier today. Stud definitely feels sturdier than it did before with everything mounted to it. Thanks again! – Cody Mar 30 at 4:34

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