I have a TriangleTube Smart 30 indirect water heater which unfortunately only comes with an analog (red top blue dial) thermostat. I would really love to find a way to get a digital thermostat on it so I can set it to a certain temperature instead of "partially red". Anyone have the same experience or any ideas?


Depending on your boiler, you can at least see the DHW called temperature on your boiler display. I have the Smart 30 water heater coupled with a Triangle Tube Prestige Solo boiler, and on its display, under the various info items, I can see the DHW temperature. I'm guessing that will be the closest you can get with this specific setup.

  • Thank you, unfortunately my 14 year old Burnham boiler doesn't have that kind of feature either. – aric8456 Mar 26 at 11:59

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