My home is 1.5 years old. After a thunder storm, 9 of 13 recessed lights are not functioning properly. 3 are out completely. The others continue to dim until barely lit. They are in 4 different rooms. None are on dimmers. The television & a remote on my recliner were also blown; which I have replaced. Please help

  • Have you tried replacing the bulbs in the fixtures not working? – JACK Mar 22 at 12:46
  • They are hard wired & appears that the entire unit must be replaced? – Donna Mar 22 at 12:47
  • 1
    Sounds like lighting caused a power surge in your wires. Guessing problem lights are LEDs or CFLs and same happen to them as your TV. Will need replacement. If thunder storms are common in your area suggest whole house power surge protector or at least surge protectors(not power bars) for electronic equipment(TVs, computers) – crip659 Mar 22 at 12:49
  • I agree with crip659 the driver circuit was probably damaged with the same power surge that damaged the TV & recliner you might have insurance coverage I would check. The only way to reduce the possibility of this happening again would be to install a whole house surge protector. – Ed Beal Mar 22 at 13:14
  • ...and whole house surge protectors have become common and inexpensive, since they are required under new codes, so more get made and the volume brings the prices down. – Ecnerwal Mar 22 at 13:23

They need replacing

From the sounds of things, these are LED recessed fixtures with integral drivers. Unfortunately, that means that if a power surge kills them, its off to get them replaced, unless somebody around's up for light fixture surgery that is. The good news is that it's not terribly hard to find replacement fixtures as recessed lights have settled on a few "de facto" standard sizes for some time now.


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