I know EMT can be used as its own grounding path, and no separate grounding ("green" or bare) conductor is required within the conduit, but what fitting do I need at the panel to complete the grounding path? Is a grounded bushing required for voltages under 250V (I'm running a 120V, single-phase circuit in this case)?

Please let me know if I've left out any critical info for my install. This is a simple branch circuit with a couple of 20A outlets in my garage. Code citations are always appreciated.


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The standard metal coupling suffice, if you install them properly.

enter image description here

This one is a compression style coupling, but the setscrew style will suffice as well.

You make the ground contact by running that conduit nut down and bapping it tight with a screwdriver blade and hammer... and tightening the compression fitting or setscrew. After 50 years in a quasi-outdoor building, I can attest that it works fine.


You just need an EMT connector and locknut (and to make sure that there's no paint in the way)

You don't need the extra work of a grounding bushing for voltages under 250V, even when concentric or eccentric KOs are present, provided you're not dealing with service entrance wiring. This is implied by the lack of a specific bonding requirement for such circumstances in NEC 250.97, and is spelled out in section 4.7.6 of NECA-NEIS 101, the Standard for Installing Steel Conduits (RMC, IMC, EMT) (parts not relevant to conduit-to-box bonding omitted):

Metal raceways for feeder and branch circuits operating at less than 250 volts to ground shall be bonded to the box or cabinet. Do one or more of the following:

• Use listed fittings.

• For steel RMC or IMC, use two locknuts one inside and one outside of boxes and cabinets.

• Use fittings, such as EMT connectors, with shoulders that seat firmly against the box or cabinet, with one locknut on the inside of boxes and cabinets.

NOTE: Remove paint in locknut areas to assure a continuous ground path. Repaint or cover any exposed area after installation is completed.

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