We are interested in adding a wood burning insert to an existing fireplace.

Our issue is that our chimney is already lined: but not with the typical liner. At the top are terracotta tile liners, and toward the bottom, the chimney is double-bricked. However, as a result of this, no standard liner can fit. As is the diameter of the chimney is far larger than the normal venting pipe attached to wood burning inserts.

Is it a fire hazard or smoke hazard to install a wood burning insert and vent it directly into the chimney?

I acknowledge and understand that as a consequence the chimney will need to be inspected, swept, and cleared of creosote on a regular basis (biannually).

Picture of chimney from the top: enter image description here


If that clay tile in the picture goes all the way to the fireplace then that was constructed as a solid fuel chimney. As far as knowing if this chimney can accept a wood burning insert I would have the chimney inspected by an expert just to be sure.

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