I have three windows, in sequence (the middle one is fixed, the side windows can be opened/closed). Each window has its own blind.

I noticed my blinds started tilting forward, specially the middle one, and I can see a gap at the top. Looking closely, I see that the window long metal frame, where the blinds were attached to, "disconnected" from the top and is tilting forward. Inside that opening, I can see some insulation material.

It does not seem that this metal frame ripped/cut from the rest, it seems there was just paint over the joint (the 90 degrees between this metal frame and the top wall that goes to the ceiling). Apparently with continuous use of blinds, it started tilting.

I already removed the blinds, as I was afraid it would get worse.

My questions are:

  • The metal frame does not seem to be broken/ripped, just bent. It seems this long metal frame is not easily removable (and it is quite long - like 9 feet. How to fix this bending? Is it necessary to replace the metal frame entirely?
  • Were the blinds installed in the incorrect way? Instead of being supported by the metal bracket, maybe they should have been supported by the top part (or both)? I can't figure what the top is. It seems the front joint (facing the apartment) is metal because it attracts a magnet, but the narrow material where blinds could be installed I'm not sure.
  • How to install the new blinds since this metal frame is not rigid enough? I'm not sure the top would be strong enough to hold the blinds, and they could fall down.

Pictures: enter image description here

enter image description here

Thank you!

  • How about some pictures of the problems you're having so we can see what you see. – JACK Mar 11 at 16:26
  • @JACK thanks, added pictures. – igorjrr Mar 11 at 17:07
  • Your post indicated that you'd removed the blinds. Can you provide a pic showing the attachment clips with the blinds out? Do the clips just attach to this metal strip, or are they screwed through it into whatever is above? If they screw through, maybe whatever is above has stripped out, allowing the screws to fall, thus the sagging. Fatter screws (longer ones may puncture something they shouldn't) may do the trick. – FreeMan Mar 11 at 17:13
  • I suspect the support brackets are loose, especially the intermediate clips. It is not difficult to disassemble the blind for inspection, and rework (you can bare hand to remove the end bracket cover piece and the frame cover), the problem is the blind is rather long and heavy, it is almost impossible to DIY without helper. I would call a handyman to handle it. – r13 Mar 11 at 20:33
  • @r13 Thanks, but I confirmed this is not the case. The brackets are in place. The problem is that window frame metal support, it has bent forward. – igorjrr Mar 11 at 20:56

Notes here:

  • front of the brackets for these blinds started bending down. You know this.
  • this is either because you were unduly harsh on these - pulling on the blind cords to hard and/or yanking the whole mechanism
  • this may also be caused because of the weight of the blinds. Cheap blinds weigh more, couple that with some yanking and the default brackets might not work.
  • was the top of the blinds caulked to the top of the window trim? That is really weird!
  • Most blinds like this come with three attachment brackets. There is usually one "C" bracket and two box brackets. The box brackets really hold the weight and are of a thicker gauge metal and the fact that it is a box it is really almost impossible for the bracket itself to warp. With the box brackets if there is too much yanking or pulling on the blinds the bracket will pull the screw out of the trim, not warp.
  • All I see on your blinds are the "C" brackets. While these look nicer, this is the reason why the blinds eventually failed.

What to do?

  • Buy better and more C brackets, install them, and go easier on the blinds.
  • Buy different blinds that are lighter
  • Install box brackets for each blind set.
  • The first picture shows box brackets at the inner ends of both blinds; I assume the non-shown ends are the same. I think poor mounting and too much pulling are the root causes here. – DavidSupportsMonica Mar 11 at 23:59
  • @DavidSupportsMonica - if those are box brackets vs caps, then they are not mounted at all. – DMoore Mar 12 at 0:09
  • Certainly could be so. – DavidSupportsMonica Mar 12 at 2:15

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