If a dimmer switch is fitted for the room but we get non-dimmable LED lamps (GU10), I know there may be flickering problems with dimming, but will they work fine if the dimmer is turned to max?

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    Probably, but I would be concerned that the dimmer could be accidentally turned down, damaging the lamp. It'd be worth putting in a simple $2 switch to protect a $20 lamp.
    – bcworkz
    Dec 30, 2012 at 0:48

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Yes, LED bulbs typically work fine on dimmers set to max. In my experience, even the "non-dimmable" ones don't seem to be harmed when dimmed although your mileage here may vary with bulb and dimmer models.

This seems to be a big improvement in comparison with "non-dimmable" CFLs, which seem to be very susceptible to destruction - I have destroyed several after just seconds of dimming.

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