Im finalizing my plumbing for my workshop, I've got a 3" main drain and planned 3" wet vent for the plumbing. The sketch is my current plan. The lowest two "entrances" on the stack had to be reducing combo sweeps in order to clear the purlins and stay low to the slab; though I suspect santitary-tees would be called out if it was a continuous 2" pipe meeting a 2" pipe.

So my question is: have I selected the two red long sweep wyes correctly? Side to side this whole contraption is about 12', so it is very tight. Blue represents 3" ABS, Black 2" and green is 1.5" primarily for vents. The Dual-sanitary Tee in the middle can have a vent line tied back to the main stack if that is required, but it is not shown and otherwise it will be caped. It sits about 1 foot from the stack. (Image updated to draw P-Traps correctly and NOT S Traps) enter image description here

  • Why are all your P traps drawn as S traps? Are you planning on S traps? – Fresh Codemonger Mar 8 at 23:10
  • Purlins being structural roof members? – Fresh Codemonger Mar 8 at 23:16
  • Good point, they are supposed to be p traps but I cant draw. And the purlins are the 19.2 on center metal wall structure. The image is a side view looking at the outer wall. – mark f Mar 9 at 2:19
  • You might want a double Y and 1/8 bend instead of the double sanitary tee - pmmag.com/articles/… – Fresh Codemonger Mar 9 at 17:58

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