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Plan to hand a bookcase on a barn door in front of this opening. It will open in front of a sliding door that has a vertical blind that sits ~4.25" from drywall face.

To do this I need to sister/build out a "beam" that is 14' long from wall to wall that can support the material and the bookcase.

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fourteen foot span


  1. remove drywall in front of headers (fireplace & slider)
  2. reinforce/fill in the fireplace headers with more supports

enter image description here

  1. I need 5" to create enough overhang in front of the sliding doors blind

    • I will countersink 6" Grade 5 Lag Bolts &

    • Use strap iron or twist straps to attach the layers to ceiling joists (24" on center)

      • I have 3/4" strap iron, I'm considering wrapping each of the layers if I can figure how to hold them tight to the ceiling.
    • layer:

      • two 2x6 kiln-dried pine + 1.75 LVL engineered beam + then a TBD veneer (likely rough-cut 4x8x3/4 sheet of fir)
    • Additionally, instead, of lag bolts, I'll likely use full bolt & nuts w/ washers to the fireplace 2x10 header

in the picture below none of these materials are what will be used but were scraps I had to at hand to show the layering idea... two 2x6 + 1.75 LVL + 3/4 sheet not to scale or actual materials


  1. Number of lag bolts to go across the 14' expanse?
    • I figured two every two feet with ~8" between them vertically.
  2. size of lag bolts? 6" grade 5, but... 1/4" or 3/8"
  3. examples of how to strap a beam tight to trusses in the ceiling?
  • 1
    "How much can hardware to manage for cantilever load & sheer weight on a built out faux beam that will support barn door bookcase?" i can not wrap my head around that question/statement. If i understand your project correctly, you want to put a bookshelf on a barn door, all of the weight of the books will be on the barn door hardware. correct?
    – Alaska Man
    Mar 5 at 5:52
  • A) A drawing (even if a rough pencil sketch with dimensions) of what you're proposing would be very helpful. B) How much do you expect this to weigh? C) Are you 100% committed to this or are you open to options that may make your life easier?
    – FreeMan
    Mar 5 at 12:56

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