Hypothetical situation: I would have to install some external reflectors like this on my store.


It should be screwed as higher as possible on the external wall to illuminate outdoors, increase store light, etc.

There is no raceway on the rooftop. How I proceed to make the impermeabilization of the power cables?

Thanks in advanced.

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    Exact answer will vary depending on location. What country are you in? Feb 28 '21 at 20:40
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    Yes, where are you on this planet? Feb 28 '21 at 20:42
  • Why? What country are you?
    – Guilherme
    Feb 28 '21 at 20:50
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    I am nearer of the amazon rainforest. American continent indeed.
    – Guilherme
    Feb 28 '21 at 21:06
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    In the US, the answer is to use THWN wire, which is rated for use in wet locations, run through conduit (which is assumed, when outside, to fill up with water). There are ways to minimize water (e.g., weep holes to let water drain out of each box) but there is an assumption that if it can get wet, it will. Feb 28 '21 at 22:00

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