Under mounted sink was installed with laminate counter, now laminate edge around sink is fraying and chipping. Can this be fixed? It is a 30 x 16 hole, not sure about the corner radius, too small for standard 30 x 24 stainless steel sink rims.

  • Change the countertop or the sink - that was a poor combination of choices. Undermount needs a solid counter, not laminate. Laminate needs a top mount sink. You have the example of why in front of you. – Ecnerwal Feb 27 at 19:47
  • One of many hack/jerryrigged jobs of previous owner ;( – Tom MIller Feb 28 at 20:07
  • A picture might help people come up with some short-term patch it up ideas for you. – FreeMan Mar 1 at 14:53

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