enter image description hereWe want to remove the highlighted walls. Is there any way to tell from the blueprints if these walls are load-bearing?

enter image description here

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    Yes. But you need to provide the blueprints, not a tiny snippet of one sheet showing electrical layout. Show the structural drawings for all levels. – isherwood Feb 25 at 14:31
  • Unfortunately this is all the county provided me with. I uploaded the full page but I'm assuming this won't help either. – Bridgette Diskin Feb 25 at 14:46
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    Not being as fuzzy as it is, anyway. :) Judging by the home's overall layout I can say that it's unlikely that the walls at the doorway are load-bearing, and the kitchen cabinet wall almost certainly is not, but we can only guess. Have someone come by and look at the roof structure and the foundation. – isherwood Feb 25 at 14:56

You won't be able to tell from these blueprints because these are the electrical plans and not the structural.

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