I just replaced an old Aprilaire with a new 600 model. I wired up all the previous wires to the corresponding spots on the new controller, but there are still open spots and when I turned power back on, the Aprilaire controller screen turned on, but it isn’t triggering the water when I turn on the test. Also the controller doesn’t say that the humidifier is on. I had the furnace running when testing.

Attached are the images of the new controller with the attached wires. You’ll see the extra wires that are wrapped around the white sheathing which is coming from the furnace. These weren’t connected to the last Aprilaire and I suspect need to be connected. Appreciate any direction.

Furnace wiring info: There are two small wires coming in.  The yellow and white wires go to a “Y”.  Another white one goes to a W-1.  A red one goes to “R”.  Green wire goes to green.

Another white wire coming in goes to the Y and the red goes to C.

Controller turned on

Close up of the wiring connection

Wiring inside furnace 1

Wiring inside furnace 2

Wiring inside furnace 3

Wiring inside furnace 4

Aprilaire wiring diagram

Close up of Furnace wires

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    please trim the wires ... you should not see bare copper when the stripped ends of the wires are inserted into the terminal strip ... the way you have it, you are only asking for accidental short circuits
    – jsotola
    Feb 25 at 6:18
  • Can you post photos of how things are hooked up at the furnace end? Feb 25 at 12:34
  • Add the make/model of all devices involved - furnace, humidifier, etc.
    – FreeMan
    Feb 25 at 14:50
  • Aprilaire 600 is the humidifier. The Furnace is a Daikin DM96VE. I'm working on getting a pic of the wires connecting to the furnace
    – coreyg
    Feb 25 at 21:37
  • Updated with more pics and wiring info
    – coreyg
    Feb 25 at 23:40

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