I moved into a new build just over a year ago, and a few months in mold issues occurred in the nearby closet. The main cause of this was an exterior concrete wall which was still drying, and led to moisture which particularly built up in the closet.

The builder eventually completed mold remediation, which included adding an intermediary wall between the unit and the concrete, and replacing the carpet in the closet where the mold was the worst. However, they did not replace the carpet in the master bedroom.

The carpet in the master bedroom is stained, and I think it is due to mold spreading from the closet. I have tried everything to remove it, including getting a high temperature steamer (Dupray Neat Steamer). On occasions I have managed to remove the visible stains, though it seems to come back and now looks the worst it has ever looked.

What should I do to address the carpet?

The options I have thought of include:

  1. Getting a professional carpet cleaner to attempt to clean it
  2. Replacing the carpet
  3. Chemicals for cleaning carpet
  4. Covering it with a rug

Image of carpet

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    Option 5. Ask the builder to replace the carpet as it's their fault. Feb 21 '21 at 11:09
  • bleach and elbow grease should remove the stain, boric acid (commonly sold as bug powder) will keep it away until you move (it's an EXTREMELY powerful anti-fungal agent).
    – dandavis
    Feb 21 '21 at 17:50

If it's coming back through, it's not dry underneath. Aside from who is going to be paying for it, builder or insurance, you need to get that up, test the floor underneath for damp & then, depending on result, get the builder back in or see if a dehumidifier can get it dry. I wouldn't lay any new flooring until you can assess the damp below and I wouldn't dream of putting that back down again.


Carpet isn't that that expensive. You will need to fully have this carpet taken up and cleaned all the way through...

Well I have had remediation companies and carpet cleaning companies do this and honestly what a waste. Pay $300 to fix a problem 90% when new carpet for the area is $400... and looks new, not "thoroughly washed".

My suggestion is to take the carpet out, have nothing on the floor for at least a couple of weeks to assure there still aren't moisture issues. This mold coming back is a really really bad sign. Mold needs moisture and really doesn't like carpet. I have had some wet basements and the carpet was the easiest to clean. And getting that mold sounds like a leak or a foundation issue (not draining properly) and does not sound like a wicking issue... So I am not buying the builder's excuse. You may need someone to verify what the issue is but no matter what get the flooring up so things aren't hidden.

Afterwards builder should pay for new carpet or give you a credit. Have a remediation company give you a quote that includes a 1 year guarantee... this will be about the same as getting new carpet unless you have some stuff that is $6+sq/ft.

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