In standard poured shower pan construction there is normally a rubber layer between the bottom flat layer, and the upper sloped layer.

Today I came across the following "updated" method:

redgaurd shower method (credit: Mr. Money Mustache)

I am under the impression that redgaurd is used primarily to keep splashes and overflow from causing an issue, and not as a primary water repellant.

Is redgard, or any comparable product, able to hold up under this kind of abuse?

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Yes that is what RedGard is for (I assume you are planning to tile over the top of it). It is a waterproof membrane, it stops any water that might make it through the cracks in the tile (or grout). It is not intended to stand up to the abuse of a normal shower wall or floor so it must be covered with tile.

From the company's website:

Rated for extra heavy duty service

Meets Uniform Plumbing Code specifications for use as a shower pan liner

I used RedGard to waterpoof behind my tiles in my tub surround. It was pretty easy to work with.

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