I was wondering if one can put the lever on a single hole faucet in the front instead of the left. That way the hot is on the left and cold on the right. My daughter thinks I am crazy but I think it is a personal preference. Any thought or comments or has anyone put the lever in the front. Thanks!

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    pictures? you can put it where ever you want really – DMoore Feb 17 at 6:50
  • This really needs more details on what you're asking. My kitchen faucet is a single hole unit (with a handy base plate to cover the other two holes that were already existing). I move the lever left for hot and right for cold, up for more flow, down for less (until it's off). Not sure what you're asking. – FreeMan Feb 17 at 13:10
  • Why not just swap hot and cold lines to the faucet? Or maybe I am not understanding the question. – Ed Beal Feb 17 at 16:46

Almost certainly you can, but you may be splashed when operating the lever.

Many showers are like this, it's not always a disadvantage :)

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