This is a general question that relates to a number of small DIY projects I want to do around our house, including

  • putting an awning over one of our door ways to keep rain away from the doorstep/foundation
  • hanging a string of outdoor lights with a small solar panel

If I use regular wood screws to screw things into the exterior wall of my house, is there anything I need to do to water proof the hole like add sealant or anything? In both cases, the screw should be under the awning/gutter, but I am still not sure about rain in the wind or just general moisture.

I hope that makes sense - any help would be appreciated.

  • You'll need to tell us what the holes are in. What type of siding are we talking about? "Regular wood screws" are likely to rust and stain. Any outdoor fasteners should be corrosion resistant. – isherwood Feb 15 at 19:14
  • The screws will be going into wood. I am not the handiest person on earth, so I am not sure if there are different types, but I am happy to provide a picture if that would help as well. I have heard some people mention silicon filling or something, so I wasn't sure... – blubberbo Feb 16 at 3:41
  • It shouldn't take much Googling to determine what kind of siding you have. Or post a photo. It's hard to give specific answers with vague information. Please put all new information in your question, not down here. – isherwood Feb 16 at 13:53

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