I noticed that Keyless chucks in cheap drills tend to become stuck often, but I've always wonder why does this happen.

Is it due to overtightening the chuck?

Are low quality drill bits a factor to consider?

Is it going on some heat issue (spot-welding like) between its metal components?

I am aware that this issue is also related to drilling on concrete with a low power electric drill but, again, I'm unable to find a valid reason for it.

So, any ideas?

  • Yep, sorry, a keyless chuck of those operated with just one hand. – mzcarlos Feb 6 at 20:00
  • Even the keyless chuck on my expensive drill gets stuck occasional. It is a matter of torque. – Alaska Man Feb 6 at 20:04
  • 1
    Keep the chuck clean (keep it clean: keep crap from getting in there; don't actually clean it), and occasionally run it full close to full open a few times to de-burr itself while also facing down to let junk out. If all materials are considered equal (which they aren't... $$$), then all that's left are tolerances, which is an engineering question. - How to keep a chuck in working order? work it. And a, single, drop of oil every three years or so. – Mazura Feb 6 at 22:06
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    'occasionally' ... Now that I think about it I do it almost every day. Maybe that's why it still works and doesn't seize. It's also full metal construction, so when it has seized, channel locks or pipe wrenches work w/o destroying it. - On a cheap drill half of the chuck is plastic, or covered in plastic, where it should just be thicker metal and less likely to deform. Cheap also have less power, so a situation where yours would be stuck and stall out, I'd just have to put a glove on because with a fresh battery my drill can overpower my naked grip. – Mazura Feb 6 at 22:23
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    @Mazura The expensive one I mentioned is an all metal chuck, i use it several times a week and it also say Dewalt on it. Occasionally it does get over torqued during use. – Alaska Man Feb 7 at 18:38

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