I have a Hans Grohe Lacuna faucet. We love it, but it's started to run slow recently. There's a filtered water tap that uses the same cold water supply, and it's running fine. I assume it's the faucet. I cleaned out the aerator, but that seems to not have fixed anything.

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The Lacuna (and possibly other faucets) has a backflow check valve assembly in the hose. There is a lacuna_maintenance pdf from hansgrohe that shows how to clean it. No tools needed, other than maybe a small brush for cleaning. Details not in the maintenance sheet:

  • the blue cap thing has an o-ring. It's tiny; be careful to do any work over a plugged sink to not lose it down the drain.
  • the two white things are backflow valves. Mine were so sticky that the valve was stuck. Only after cleaning did i realize they were valves.
  • if you’re dirty enough that you have low pressure, rinsing with water probably won't fix you, you'd need a stiff bristle brush to actually get any detritus off.

enter image description here

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