I have a 3" wide area the height of the bathroom wall behind at the corner of an existing shower on the external wall without insulation. The space runs the full 8' height I can only reach the top 8" or so that is above the shower wall. Is it a problem that this space is not insulated? Any recommendations how to fill the space to the floor with insulation and provide a vapor barrier?

enter image description here

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  • Remove the shower and build the wall right
  • Or forget the vapor barrier and blow in cellulose.

If you really want a probable horror show, spray foam it, but I would not recommend that if you don't want a horror show - it will probably overexpand and warp or crack the shower enclosure.

If you don't insulate it that will be an uncomfortable shower (I've lived with that junk in places I didn't build. Would not recommend.)

  • It appears that the shower is installed with some drywall screws, so it shouldn't be terribly difficult to remove, so long as there's access to the drain from below.
    – FreeMan
    Commented Feb 2, 2021 at 13:24

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