I am getting my entertainment area setup and I wanted to get opinions on where I should install intake/exhaust fans and if it would even be required.

Within my "nitch" I am going to have an amplifier, Xbox, AV Receiver, and potentially a center speaker or BlueRay player. (not sure just yet).

I am skeptical if any sort of cooling will even be needed considering my setup but I am honestly not sure. My question is:

  • Would cooling even be required considering my setup?
  • If I did add cooling (required or not) where should I setup the box fans at?
  • I want to make sure the area stays cool (i.e: doesnt over heat)

I am attaching pictures to give more insight on my setup. Also below are a few notes.

  • Fireplace is electric.
  • The entertainment area will have the devices squeezed in close to one another but nothing is technically "sealed off"
  • There are two access panels on each side of the fireplace so there is a small 1 inch gap on each side which allow fresh air in.

Thanks ahead of time :)

Fireplace Nitch Overall

  • Well, first test is how hot that space gets when the fire has been on for several hours.
    – Solar Mike
    Jan 31 at 7:18

After months of testing I can confirm there is no issues. The area contains enough hollow space for the heat to rise and disperse with no form of overheating.

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