I had my brick chimney inspected, and the inspector found that the cracked clay tiles in the two flues (one for a gas fireplace, one for the furnace and gas water heater) need to be replaced. He recommended a flexible stainless steel liner for the utility flue at a cost of about $3,200. I also had an HVAC guy in to replace a crack in the water heater exhaust, who noticed some signs of condensation on the elbows of the furnace and water heater exhaust. He recommended instead that he "could put a 'CHIMNEY KIT' on the furnace and run double wall vent pipe to the chimney" for only about $900.

Obviously, I'd like to spend less, but I'm wary of taking shortcuts on the exhausting of gases from my house. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on using a chimney kit into the chimney instead of relining the chimney for 3.5x as much?

  • I know this depends at least to some extent on the expected temperature of the exhaust which in turn relates to the efficiency (which often correlates with age) of the water heater and furnace. Model #s of water heater and furnace may help. – manassehkatz-Moving 2 Codidact Jan 28 at 20:39

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