My radon Bubbler pressure is set 40/60, and is a 35 gallon tank, and my well pump pressure is set to 40/60 and is 25 gallons. Regardless of the amount of water we use day-to-day, periodically the Bubbler loses pressure, and I have to reset it, as if we lost power. Sometimes it's multiple days in a row, other times it will go several days without incident. When I reset the pressure in the bubbler/mitigator, the pressure on the well tank does not lower or fluctuate at all. The bubbler has been serviced, and there are no visible/obvious leaks in the plumbing.

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    Welcome to Home Improvement. Make & model of all devices you're asking about are always helpful. Please edit them into your original post. I know I won't be able to answer your question, but that will help those who do know about these things. – FreeMan Jan 28 at 16:58

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