Model No: FMV152KSA

My Frigidaire microwave has an intermittent problem where after closing the door it immediately starts running....so I never hit Start.

Sometimes this means it runs for a few seconds and stops and other times it seems to run for much longer before I stop it by opening and closing the door again.

When it runs, the LCD seems fine but if the cook time doesn't count down, the spinner spins but it doesn't heat up and doesnt stop if I hit Stop either.

It's intermittent, so I may be able to open and close the door with no problem 5 times in a row and the 6th time it just starts running when closed.

Or I may set a cook time of 2 minutes, open the door, closes the door, it starts running but the remaining time is stuck at 2 minutes.

Most of the problems I see online are regarding the door switches when the Microwave runs when the door is opened or doesn't run when the door is closed. I wasn't sure if my problem is most likely the switches or something else maybe?

Also, I see instructional videos online and some mention discharging the capacitor before proceeding as a safety measure and others don't. Are the ones that don't foolish or is it because replacing the door switches poses no real risk from the capacitor?

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    If your microwave has capacitors in it, assume that they're holding a charge and are prepared to zap you at any moment! Provide the make/model of your microwave, that will help those more knowledgeable than I... – FreeMan Jan 25 at 18:07
  • why would you think that the door switch is the problem? – jsotola Jan 25 at 20:11
  • Is there still time on the timer? Is it a mechanical timer? Your start button may be being triggered when you close the door. Zero the time and it should not start. The door switch allows the unit to turn on. So closing the door with time on the counter could indicate a sticky start button not a door problem. – Ed Beal Jan 25 at 20:39
  • @FreeMan model number added, sorry – user1669243 Jan 25 at 22:25
  • @EdBeal The timer isn't counting down, it's an electronic timer. So for example the time on the clock would show 1:05 PM, I'm not preparing to start any cooking, I simply open the door and close it and half of the time the microwave starts and no time is counting down – user1669243 Jan 25 at 22:28

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